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More than 80 per cent of  coronavirus  patients in China are being treated with  traditional Chinese medicine

(TCM) alongside more mainstream antiviral drugs, according to local health officials.While acknowledging that the ancient practice has no specific treatments for Covid-19 – the pneumonia-like disease caused by the virus, which has sickened over 82,000 people and killed more than 2,800 since the outbreak began in central China in December – some experts said they had witnessed a higher recovery rate among those using both TCM and Western drugs, than solely mainstream treatments.

Xu Nanping, a vice-minister of science and technology, said last week that about 85 per cent of patients in China had been given the combined treatment.

hina’s National Health Commission prescribes the use of TCM alongside Western drugs in its guidelines for the treatment of people infected with the coronavirus.

Song Juexian, a doctor with the integrated TCM and Western medicine unit at Xuanwu Hospital in Beijing, said traditional Chinese medicine had the benefit of enhancing the patients’ “internal balance”.

“Chinese medicine has been practised for at least 3,000 years. It is the wisdom of our ancestors and it is [still] progressing,” she said. “I believe the effects of combined use of TCM and Western medicine will become better and better.”

Wang Xianbo, director of the integrative medicine department at Beijing Ditan Hospital, said 90 per cent of the confirmed coronavirus cases at his hospital were receiving traditional Chinese medicine as part of their treatment.

The efficacy rate of TCM was 87.5 per cent and the figure rose to 92.3 per cent with the addition of Western drugs, he said.

From  South china morning post

TCM has been widely applied in treating infected patients as it has proved effective in improving the cure rate. Since the epidemic outbreak, the time-honored treatment has been applied in treating over 60,000 confirmed cases of the infection in China.

According to the National Administration of TCM, medical expert teams in 31 provincial-level regions all include TCM specialists, with most of the regions having made localized TCM treatment schemes for the novel coronavirus.

In north China’s Shanxi Province, 84 TCM professionals from the provincial TCM hospital developed prescriptions for the disease in just eight days that would normally have taken three to six months. TCM practitioners raced against time to produce tens of thousands of doses of TCM decoctions which were sent to patients at designated hospitals free of charge.

According to local health authorities, 98.5 percent of infected patients in Shanxi have received TCM treatment, and 91.5 percent of those who have used TCM are getting results.

From Xinhua News

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